In 1998, God planted a dream in Pastor David Stine’s heart to plant a life-giving, multicultural church in our Nation’s Capital that would be influential in building a God-first culture throughout the DC Metro area.

For the next nine years, Pastor David and Taryn Stine continued to pray and seek God’s timing over this dream, as Pastor David went to seminary and worked in full-time ministry to prepare for the call he knew God had on his life. In April of 2005, Pastor David went on a doctoral retreat in the Shenandoah Valley where God revealed that the church he would plant would one day have seventeen locations all around the DC Metro area; with an additional three locations in New York City.

Pastor David knew this was a God-sized vision and that it would only be accomplished through God’s leadership and a united team of wholehearted, God-first individuals. In the summer of 2007, Pastor David and Taryn knew the time had come, so they packed their bags and moved across the country to Alexandria, Virginia with seventeen individuals to embark upon the adventure of their lives. After participating in twenty local outreaches and conducting five vision nights; the seventeen grew to seventy-five individuals who said “yes” to investing their lives to plant a church whose vision would be to “build a God-first culture throughout the DC Metro area.”

On September 9, 2007, Metro Church launched and the dream that Pastor David and Taryn had been stewarding in prayer for the previous nine years became a reality.


To build a God First culture throughout major metropolitan areas all over the world.


Build God First, Diverse churches in major metropolitan areas that multiply through the expansion of multi-site locations, in order to disciple people into wholeness in their spirit, soul and body.