Metro Students is the Students ministry for Middle and High School students at Metro Church. We believe that the God first life is the best life. Our ministry consists of weekend services, groups, and quarterly gatherings.


the social

THE SOCIAL is a student only event designed specifically for students at Metro Church.  We meet together quarterly to engage in relationship and encourage each other to live the life that God intended for us.

See Currently for upcoming social dates.



We believe that life change happens in a community. Student groups are designed to cultivate relationships and encourage students in their relationship with Jesus


Student Leaders are another part of the dream team at Metro Church. They serve on Sundays together, sit in a student service together, and grow in their relationship with God in a small group together. The church is meant to be a place where we grow through a community, and student leadership is the perfect place to find friends who will support your relationship with God.

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Metro Students is the High School and Middle School ministry of Metro Church. We are committed to reach students, make disciples, partner with families, and create a place where students belong, grow, and encounter God. We connect on Sundays, we meet through Social groups and bi-monthly events called THE SOCIAL. Check out the information below to get involved!

The social is a party with a purpose where students can create relationships and encounter God. At the social you can expect games, basketball tournaments, giveaways, free food, and more. This event takes place every other month. Check out currently to see when THE SOCIAL is happening next. We can’t wait to see you there!

Social groups are designed to be a medium sized gathering for high school and middle school students from Metro Church. Social groups meet weekly around the city to hang with friends, eat free food, and talk about life. Simply choose a social group that’s close to you, sign up or show up, and we will see you there!

We believe that we were never intended to do life alone.  Social groups exist to create space for students to do life together, and to point them closer to Jesus.  As the next generation, we believe in nurturing a strong relationship in Christ and helping students to establish leadership skills by getting plugged into a team at Metro Church.

The long-term goal is to have a Social Group for every High School and Middle school in our City.  We never want to be a student ministry only known by our church, we want to be known by our city and in our school system.

YES! The goal is to have one social group for every school in the DMV! As we continue to grow and reach more students,  we will plant more social groups for more middle and high schools. The long-term goal is to have a Social Group for every High School and Middle school in our City.  We never want to be a student ministry only known by our church, we want to be known by our city and in our school system.

We are so glad you asked! We would encourage parents/guardians to get involved in a small group happening at the same time as a social group. Not only that, our social groups are strategically placed near different restaurants or coffee shops in the city for you to enjoy while your student enjoys social group.

Middle school students will need a parent/guardian present at pick up to be dismissed. High school students will be dismissed at 8:30PM after Social Group. Social groups are from 7:00PM-8:30PM

Each Social Group is led by one adult male and female Metro Student Leader. There will be 2-5 adult leaders at every single social group.

We value students being a part of the local church and a part of our services.  Our services consist of worship, a message, and response time. Sit with us! We will have a row just for students and leaders to sit together through worship and the message. Not only that, stop by the Social Station before or after service so we can hang. See you there!

At every service or event at Metro Church you will find a “Social Station.” This is a VIP area JUST for middle and high school students to get social with leaders and other students. There will be a place to hang, free food, more information on Metro Students, upcoming events, and ways for you to get involved at Metro Church.

At every one of our campuses there will be a clearly identified student section in the auditorium to give students the option to sit with leaders. In the student section there will always be an adult male and female metro student leader at every service.

We are ALWAYS asking ourselves, how can we pastor students effectively? We are not married to a method, we are married to a mission. If we need to change or redirect what we do to reach more students, we will change or redirect what we do.  For this season of our church we believe that this method is the most effective way to reach students, and to get them planted into the local church.