Metro Church has always been a church that grows and moves with God, and we are so excited for where He is leading us in this next season. Here’s a video from our Pastor explaining the next steps for Metro Church!

We know you have questions! Don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. Also, we will be providing monthly updates to the church via video during services as we lead up to this move, so stay tuned!



How many services will there be?

We still plan to have the same amount of services! Stay tuned for official times!

I need my coffee in the morning. Will coffee still be provided?

In our new environment, we will have plenty of space to create an exceptional experience and that will definitely include a morning cup of Joe.

I like the way our church feels now. Will our space and experience feel different?

Sure, it will be different, but it will also be better! A few things you can expect are better parking, amazing kids environments, and a state-of-the-art live production experience. At the end of the day, it will still be Metro Church and will feel like home.

How many seats does the new auditorium hold?


I watch online. Will I still be able to watch the broadcast experience?

Yes! Our online broadcast will continue to stream from this new location!

Where is the High School located?

3330 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302. It is under 3 miles from our current location.

I love the movie “Remember the Titans”, will Denzel Washington be there?

We love it too. Unfortunately, Denzel will not be there, but you are welcome to invite him!


Will my child still have a fun and safe experience?

Yes! Our Metro Kids team will ensure that your child’s Sunday experience will be the best it has ever been! Stay tuned for our Parent Gathering coming up soon for more info!

How will I know where to drop my child off?

Our Metro Kids team will ensure that it is very clear where you where you need to check in your child. There will also be signage to help make it clear-just look for the Metro Kids logo.

How will I know if my child needs me?

We will make sure there is a clear and quick line of communication if your child needs your attention. Similar to our current communications setup, our Metro Kids team will easily be able to contact you when your child has a need.

Will there still be Student services on Sundays? How will this change their experience?

Absolutely! Our amazing youth pastors have already been making plans on how to utilize our new space and to make sure our Students have an even greater experience than before. 


Will there be enough parking?

Yes, parking will not be a problem at our new location. Our new parking experience will be better than even before with much more available spaces than our current location.

I take the metro to get to church, is there a metro stop by our new location?

Braddock will still be the closest stop and the shuttles will still be there ready to greet you every Sunday! 


I serve on the Dream Team. Does this mean I arrive earlier to set up and tear down?

We are building a clear system that will ensure setup and teardown will be an easy experience for everyone involved! Stay tuned for an upcoming Dream Team Gathering where we will share more details about our new experience.


Is this a new church plant?

No- same church, new location!

Is the facility easily accessible for those with disabilities or special needs?

Yes, The school is ADA accessible and accommodates those with disabilities. We will always make it a priority to create an environment where everyone can worship together.

Will we still have security on sundays?

Safety is our number one priority. Each week we work with the Alexandria Police Department to ensure our church family is always safe.

I’d like to help. How can I during the moving process?

Great! We would love to have you involved in the process. You can start by joining our Dream Team and getting plugged in! You can also take the time to pray with us as we seek God through every step of this process.

What’s happening with our current property in Alexandria?

Our lease is ending with the 1100 and 1200 property at the end of May 2019. The previous owner has sold the building and it is slated to be redeveloped into residential housing.

What will happen to midweek gatherings?

All of our current Ministries will continue, stay tuned to where and when these will be happening. We are working to ensure that each space will provide a great experience.

Will the church have office space?

Yes, We are currently solidifying plans for Metro Church’s new offices. The new office address will be posted once finalized.

How can I contact the church during the week?

With our new office location, you will still be able to reach us via phone. Please know that you can always contact us through our website or through the Metro Church App!

When is the last service at ALX?

May of 2019. We can’t wait to celebrate with you for our first service at our new location in June 2019

Are there other churches out there that are successfully doing mobile environments?

Some of the most impactful churches in cities like our own are very successful in creating great mobile environments.

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